WalterKropp      Annelie Klother

Camera, Editing, Music, Sound     Research, script, editing, music

We have been making documentaries together since 1991.

From 2007 to 2016 we lived in Germany and France. The themes of our most recent films have emerged from our lives in the two worlds.

From 1991 to 2006 we made films on local historical, environmental and developmental political themes. (more)

Annelie Klother:
Advanced trainings:

- 2017: Interview in documentary filmmaking with Loretta Walz.
- 2016/2017: Documentary film production with Arne Birkenstock
- 2015: Dramaturgy in documentary film with Christopher Janssen
1976-1994: Teacher at grammar school and comprehensive school - focus on project work
1970-1976: Studies in German language and literature, social sciences

Walter Kropp:
Further education:

- 2017: Filming with the smartphone with Thomas Nowara
- 2016/2017: Production of documentaries with Arne Birkenstock
1973-1993: Teacher (primary and secondary school)
1968-1973: Studies in English, Art, German