Photos above: Sumène 2021, Krefeld 2020, Moers 2019


Event in France in september 2022:

German and french descendants of resistance fighters meet

With our film "Go to Germany? No way! Four South Frenchmen in Resistance against National Socialism“, we were able to initiate an event in the South of France:
On September 11 at 3 pm in the Salle Ferrier in Sumene ( Gard) :
Christa Bröcher and Klara Tuchscherer ("Children of the Resistance")will talk about the resistance of their parents against National Socialism.
Descendants of French resistance fighters are invited to the exchange.
The event is organized by the historical association "Allons Enfants" and the Mairie of Sumène.

November 2021: Back from France! Two successful events!

In Valleraugue, after the film, people told of their parents' resistance to the German occupation.
In Sumène, almost 130 people filled the auditorium. Here, too, interesting conversations and new contacts with descendants of people from the local resistance took place after the film screening, especially during the convivial conclusion at the buffet, donated by the association Allons Enfants.

The local press also accompanied the screenings:

MIDI LIBRE 20.10.2021
Sumène - A documentary about four Cèvennes maquisards

MIDI LIBRE 21.10.2021
The screening of the film about the four maquisards ... was very well received

A successful open-air event in Krefeld (August 2020)!

The KULTURFABRIK HEEDER was the perfect place for the premiere of "BLOSS NICHT NACH DEUTSCHLAND!" during Corona.
After a short preliminary talk, the four short films captivated the audience. Afterwards, the authors Annelie Klother and Walter Kropp were still available for questions. The weather played along and a stimulating film evening came to an end around midnight.