Documentaries on Franco-German history 1940-45:
French Prisoners of War and Resistance in the South of France

Documentary films tell stories... Stories about real people in real life...
(Michael Rabiger, Dokumentarfilmregie, S. 10, Mülheim an der Ruhr, 2008)

Documentaries “stimulate the willingness to study the world. They don’t agitate, but they increase our willingness to change positions by their narrations…

(Kenneth  Anders, Udo Muszynski, Sven Wallrath, Programmbeirat Dokumentarfilm lang 2015, Filmfest Eberswalde, Manifeste)

 Thorough research, fine narrative feeling and atmospheric images – that’s the great power of documentary film.“

The task of documentary is

„…to wring truth and understanding out of the trivial stream of information and images sometimes distressing which zoom past us from our smartphones.“

(Monika Grütters bei der AGDOK, 09.02.2017)

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