WHOSE ENEMY? - Marin (HD, 71 minutes - 2014/2016)

MARIN Bresson, 98 years old, farmer's son in southern France, tells us, his German neighbours, about his war captivity in Germany. After his death, we look for his traces in East Frisia.

We come up against obstacles: for a long time the subject was taboo - because people didn't want to incriminate anyone? But now many people want to "get rid of" something. With shining eyes they tell us about French prisoners of war who replaced brothers and fathers for some. But when they talk about Nazi teachers and the Gestapo, their old fear is still palpable.

Only after long research do we find people who remember MARIN, the place of the camp and the farm where he worked. The farmers' wives are said to have treated him kindly and respectfully.

The events of 70 years ago are still reverberating. Our search has stirred up a lot. How is what happened processed today? What is remembered? What is forgotten?

Trailer   subtitled French/German.

Trailer with English subtitles in preparation.

after the screening of ENNEMI - AMI - Marin (WESSEN FEIND).
in St. Roman de Codières, March 2017

at the screening of WESSEN FEIND - Marin (then titled: They weren't enemies after all)
in Arle, October 2014