Project Webdoc French Prisoners of war 1940-45

Our web doc is going to be an expandable, interactive forum for information. It will inform in an easily accessible way about Captivity of French prisoners of War 1940-45. It will motivate to discuss the subject, to reappraise it and to establish a reference to actual events.

We make a series of film clips: portraits of the protagonists of our films, interviews with temporary witnesses, historians and reappraisers of the past, images of places of camps and work.

How did captivity look like for French prisoners of war? How did they live it? How is the subject reappraised today?

Students, who have worked about the subject within the context of our pedagogical project about prisoners of war put the resultats of their work on the WEBDOC. They can communicate about the subject with other participants.

We put photos, audio clips and documents about French prisoners of war 1940-45 together. We indicate expositions and souces of information.

All the material should be freely accessible and to download.

We are searching for further collaborators and sponsors.